December 14, 2011

Defeating the Symptoms of Aging

The symptoms of premature aging are death by degree and all of that is tied to your oxygen intake and the renewal system. You’re told as part of the traditional medical practice that by the time you’re 60 you have half of the vital capacity than you did when you were 30. And you know what? The lungs do not shrink. They are the only ones of all the organ system that don’t shrink, so there’s no reason why at age 60, you can’t have an equal or better life force energy command than you had at age 30. It’s not inevitable. Yeah, if you don’t exercise that part of the body you will lose your flexibility, you will lose your respiratory power, and as you find out you have any more joy juice. We call this first exercise the joy breath, where you are just doing the belly push-ups, start there. If it feels unnatural just do it for a few days; work up to 100 breaths. I know you will have a very successful integration. So I’m ready for questions.
Breathe faster in the morning and slower in the evening is the first thing that I would suggest for you. The body is most easily brought into sleep by having the exhale longer than the inhale. When you heard me demonstrate you can hear that the inhale was long and the exhale was short, and that’s very energizing for the morning breath. For the evening breath, reverse the procedure. Good point. It’s deceptively simple and amazingly, profoundly effective.
Deep breathing brings issues from your subconscious and helps clear out your body as well as your chakras and all of the fields around your body.
Full-wave breathing strengthens an empath’s capacity or strength or resilience because it strengthens the individual’s personal energy. Historically we have been shown how to deal with our sensitivity in a world where there may be a great deal of negativity. One is to wear amulets or carry stones so we don’t absorb negative vibrations. Two is to call upon protection and surround ourselves with light. The third way, which happens automatically when your energy field is strong enough, is to energize the inner light through breathing. Then, you don’t have to deal with it mentally because it doesn’t come into your field because your own emanation of energy is so great that you don’t get stuck with what we would think of as “somebody else’s stuff” or an awareness that persists. In other words, it brings you back to center and empowers you as the individual.
The breath goes first to the belly, the second goes to the heart and the third goes to the throat. We might say it’s ABC or “Abdomen, Belly, Chest” in our steps one, two, and three, and yes, that’s where you are breathing: down deep, in the middle, and up top. See a video demonstration on how to do Full-Wave Breathing at
This article is based on a presentation given by Dr. Tom Goode during “Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth.” You may get the full transcription and MP3 audio of Kate’s and Gini Grey’s presentations at
Dr. Tom Goode is the author of seven books on holistic living. His most recent book is Breathe and Grow Rich—Self Care to Enrich Your Whole Life  He has written numerous articles on natural healing and is the producer of “The Cosmic Waltz,” a musical program used with Full Wave Breathing and the Inner Harmony home-study musical program for holistic health, balance, and personal transformation.

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