December 8, 2011

How to Do the Full Wave Breath

How do you start your day? One of the things I recommend is to recalibrate your energy system for the “now” day through the use of breathing before you get out of bed. You don’t have to lie there for minutes unending. Ten, twelve, or fifteen breaths are sufficient. If your intention is to align with the energies of the day, prepare to see miracles, and search yourself as the spiritual being that you are. In other words, you can do this all yourself. Yes, we’ll use all of our tools such as crystals, Bach flower remedies, affirmations, etc.; I think of these as toys. When we’re at the end of these kinds of adventures, we get to reflect and celebrate what took place.
The Full Wave Breath wave begins deep and low in the body, and then with muscular action makes it three parts. The first part, you push out the lower abdomen, then you pull it up muscularly to focus in the solar plexus, and then you move it up all the way into the chest and back of the neck, and then without effort, relax. Let the air exhaust itself; allow the exhale there’s no effort involved whatsoever. So you get full relaxation and energize in the inhale. Now if you do that about three times and you haven’t been breathing that way (most people haven’t), you’ll start to get a little buzzy or a little dizzy because you are super charging your mind-body-spirit system and bringing it more energy—prana according to the Hindus, chi according to the Asians—than it’s used to having.
It takes a while for you to get used to how this thing is going to work and how you’re going to energize. This integration process where you’re constantly integrating the new lessons, new awarenesses, the new growth is supported fully through your breathing. You may breathe five or ten minutes at a time working your way up to 100 breaths. You can hear the three steps. They will smooth out so that it does sound like this: (demonstration) as the body fills up with air and then the waves are released. The wave comes in and is pulled up and released. You breathe through the mouth because you get half again as much oxygen and you bypass the left brain/right brain alternation that occurs naturally throughout the day as your breathe through your nostrils.
So there’s a purpose here, which is to go to higher mind for this exercise by breathing through the mouth. The rest of the time you breathe through the nostrils—that’s the way the body is built—and yet for this exercise you’re going to breathing through the mouth. The full wave breathing instruction is on the website The 21st Century Healing Book will tell you the story of people who are practitioners of the breath and have used the breath to heal the most amazing variety of difficulties and diseases. Many individuals who had given up on traditional medical practice found their health through breathing a Full Wave Breath. It works because you’re breathing in life; and the more of that you get, the better off you are.
This article is based on a presentation given by Dr. Tom Goode during “Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth.” You may get the full transcription and MP3 audio of Kate’s and Gini Grey’s presentations at
Dr. Tom Goode is the author of seven books on holistic living. His most recent book is Breathe and Grow Rich—Self Care to Enrich Your Whole Life He has written numerous articles on natural healing and is the producer of “The Cosmic Waltz,” a musical program used with Full Wave Breathing and the Inner Harmony home-study musical program for holistic health, balance, and personal transformation. See a video demonstration on how to do Full-Wave Breathing at .

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