September 23, 2011

Understanding the Shift

This is the outline of the presentation given by Kate Garvey during the first session of Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-Sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth. You may get the replays and transcripts to all four 1.5-hour sessions (six hours of instruction for empaths) at Or you may purchase the individual mp3 and transcript for Kate’s class by clicking the PayPal button below.

1. Earth and cosmic changes and the impact on our planet/environment and bodies
  • a. Speed acceleration
  • b. Dissolving the veil between all (life and death, species, each other)
  • c. How this effects sensitive people (my experience with vibration, others with images)-feeling crazy at times
  • d. What to do with destructive visions
  • e. Transmuting energy
2. Humans living as 2 species Multi-numatic and Homo sapiens
  • a. Our untapped bodies
3. Crumbling of systems that do not serve the highest good
  • a. Greed-based systems (possibly banking, governments, and stock market)
  • b. Jobs that support these systems
  • c. Sports and singers
  • d. The shift from patriarchal to matriarchal systems
4. Interspecies connection and the oneness of all life
  • a. HeartMath institute studies
  • b. Single cell relations
  • c. Awaking to the gifts of animals
  • d. Species discrimination and it’s devastating impact on human health, the earth and suffering of animals
5. The work of Byron Katie
  • a. Change the lens not the projector (example of the beer can on the pristine beach)
  • b. Is it really true
  • c. What would it feel like if I didn’t believe this
  • d. Our greatest gift to the world is to be a full-engaged joyful person
6. Tools to navigate
a. Management of emotions
  • i. Fear to excitement (resides in the same place in the brain)
  • ii. Gratitude at least two times per day
  • iii. Know you are here to gather data
  • iv. Forgive everyone and everything
  • v. Love and light to all but especially ourselves and those things that most disturb us (shark fining, governments, those involved in systems of greed)
b. Other tips
  • i. Become aware of anxiousness and stay out of addictive behaviors
  • ii. Empower girls and those who support the divine feminine-life giver ceremonies
  • iii. Participate in systems you believe in-how you shop/live/bond
  • iv. Watch animals and plants and learn from their wisdom
  • v. Start a circle
  • vi. Get a coach/counselor, join a group but stay in truth and strength not weakness
  • vii. Prayer, framework of religions, meditation
  • viii. Remember you are here for a reason (hold space, be a guide, your work is not your job but your job can be where your work manifests)
  • ix. Remember all it takes to dispel darkness is a single light
Kate Garvey is a wellness and self-care coach, popular workshop leader and the founder and director of the Institute of Sound Kate is known for her unique way of blending sound, science and ancient scriptures. She has been active in Native American ceremonies for several years and recently sang for the Grandmothers Gathering. Lead by Ana Shana Bee, elders and attended by Margaret Beeham one of the thirteen Indigenous Grandmother’s working to fulfill the Hopi prophecy, “When the Grandmother’s speak, the earth will heal,” it was a gathering to celebrate and honor all waters.

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