September 27, 2011

Hearing from Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has several spirit guides and protectors who work in the unseen realms. These may be deceased relatives, angels, archangels, ascended masters, goddesses/gods, the Holy Spirit, or some soul you have partnered with in past lives in order to assist one another with soul development.

Our guides may change throughout our lifetimes. As our souls grow from lessons learned, we may "unlock a new level" (like we do in video games) of ascension and no longer need the guides we were working with. We may be introduced to spirit helpers who are more advanced (have purer energy) on that plane.

Many people think it is difficult to get in touch with their guides, but the truth is our guides WANT to communicate with us. The reason some people don't hear from their guides is because they don't take time to get still and listen. They are consumed with busy work schedules that zap their time and energy; their spiritual practice is either non-existent or not a priority. Another reason is because our guides do not infringe upon our free will (as dark entities do); they wait to be called upon. So, why not call upon them today? There's probably something you are dealing with that an advanced soul, who sees more of the big picture, could help you with. Why struggle when help is available?

It's not necessary to know the names of your spirit guides in order to work with them. In fact, you may have so many helpers working behind the scenes on your behalf that you couldn't possibly remember all their names and roles—that is unless you feel led to do that kind of research. In those cases, I suggest you do the exercise below or use oracle cards such as those created by Doreen Virtue. She has a deck for angels, archangels, ascended masters, goddesses, etc. I have about eight decks that I use whenever I need precise guidance. The instructions for use are in each deck.

How to find out who your guides are:

1. Light a candle and set your intention to hear from Spirit
2. Breathe deeply for a few minutes to clear your mind
3. Call in your spirit guides
4. Ask for the names of your guides (optional)
5. Write down what you hear/see/sense
6. Thank your guides for their message(s) to you.

I trust that you will begin to work with your guides and find your life goes much smoother as you listen to and follow your higher inner guidance. I am available as a spiritual coach if you would like someone to talk to about this.
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