September 7, 2011

The Heart – Stabilizing Solution for Empathic Children

by Dr. Caron Goode

“Heart Math’s findings point to the human heart as playing a key role in the intuitive process, and a recent study concludes the heart actually receives intuitive information faster than the brain— by a second or slightly more.”

Meantime, the empathic intuitive reads people’s emotions clearly, senses the underlying feelings and scans body language and facial features for congruence. What the empath tunes into may be comfortable or not, which underlies the need for emotional management skills for intuitive, empathic children.

Neuroscience has mapped how the whole brain processes information in four ways: feeling, sensing, intuition and thinking. New research from the psychology of heart transplants has shown us how intelligent hearts are emotional centers and make intelligent decisions for our comfort.

Empathic children can use this understanding to their benefit.

The heart and brain connection starts in-utero. From fetal heart cells grows a neural tube. The brain develops on the other end. Our heart grows connections with the brain and central nervous system and they communicate with each other constantly.

An intuitive child or parent can use the heart energy to gauge clarity of their feelings and how to interpret them.

 A calming exercise is a physical activity like breathing or a mental exercise like visualization that helps one relax.

 Calming is a basic survival skill, an absolute must-have tool, for an intuitive child, especially the empath. An intuitive listens to intuition best when calm, not rushed. A creative child learns best when he can focus calmly.

 A calm heart has a soothing influence on the brain and the whole central nervous system. Intuitive children can calm anxiety, excitation, or distraction easily. The following three strategies provide a calming influence and help an intuitive parent or child to focus better.

 Place their right palms on their chests and breathe slowly for several minutes. When they feel the neck and shoulders relax, they’ve arrived!

 Touching the heart, imagine an elevator in their heads. They enter the elevator when the doors open, push the heart-shaped button, and feel the movement down through the throat into the chest. The doors open, they step out into their heart and remain there in silence for a while.

 As a parent, teach your child to find answers in his heart and his head. Show him that logic and intuition are not opposites. As a teacher, Caron gathered large, flat river stones, and the students in her class either wrote or drew a head on one side and heart on the other. When they had to make a personal choice about studies or peer or family matters, they turned the stone face up on either side, and asked their head or heart as designated. They got to explore two answers: the logical and the intuitive, and then discussed options. This proactive way to help solve a problem is easily used by teachers or parents.

For further information, check out Raising Intuitive Children.

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Dr. Goode is the founder of the Academy for Coaching Parents International, a global online school for training successful, wealthy parenting coaches in home-based businesses. She is the author of fifteen books, including the international best seller, Kids Who See Ghosts, the national award-winner Raising Intuitive Children. See and review all of Dr. Goode’s books here.

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