August 17, 2011

How An Empathic Child Can Self-Soothe

by Dr. Caron Goode

Through empathic touch, you teach an intuitive child to trust his sense of feeling and his body’s messages. By pairing touch with empathy you teach the child to calm himself, a trait that every teacher who labels a child hyperactive is seeking. When a child touches his own heart, laying the palm to rest on the chest, he harmonizes his energy and synchronizes the body’s rhythm. He brings chaos to comfort and distractions to center.

Holding your child next to your heart is the most effective way to feel strength. Heart to heart hugs look like cradling the child in your lap, his back to your chest or kneeling down to your child’s level and embracing her heart to yours. Rocking also creates a calm state for younger children. A child can also place his hand on his heart and settle into the feeling of it for several seconds to produce calm.

Tender loving touch is important throughout one’s entire life, especially for the empath. In the developing embryo, a layer of cells called the ectoderm produces the skin and the nervous system. In this concrete physiological connection, touch provides “food” to the nervous system for the human to experience.

Purposeful, empathic touch to regulate and support an empathic child’s physiology tells the nervous system to be resilient and calm.

For further information, check out Raising Intuitive Children.

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