August 25, 2011

Free Training for Empaths

“Empaths Shifting into 2012: A Telesummit to Help Energy-sensitive People Understand Their Spiritual Role on Earth.” There will be a panel of eight experts who will speak about how the Earth is shifting to bring in more divine feminine energy and how this is affecting lightworkers and empaths. Our counselors, well-trained empaths, and holistic practitioners will help people develop the gift of empathy and give tips for getting free from detrimental energy. We will teach how to become empowered as an empath walking in oneness with all creation so everyone can help facilitate the Earth’s shift into higher consciousness.

This free telesummit will be conducted by phone as everyone calls a specific number and enters a pass code to join the conference. People will be able to ask questions during each of the four calls, which will be offered all four Tuesdays in September. I will present a session titled “There are No Victims! Helping Empaths to See Themselves as Empowered Beings of Light” and speak about why forgiveness is so important to empaths who want to stay clear of negativity and align with higher frequencies in order to accomplish their life’s mission. These calls will be recorded, so if you can’t make all four calls, you can listen to the replays.

Register now so you will be sure to get the Web link and passcode to enter the telesummit. Go to and leave your contact information so we can send you more information.

Replays of the individual calls for the telesummit will be available for free through for the first 36 hours after each conference call. Once the fourth call of the telesummit is complete, the audios and transcripts of all four calls, which will include presentations by all eight panelists, will be available for purchase. Go to to reserve your copy now!
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