August 15, 2011

How Common is the Gift of Empathy?

We are seeing more and more people —especially children—awakening to this gift as the Earth is shifting into a higher realm of consciousness. Between fifteen and twenty percent of the population have an excess amount of sentient ability. They tend to become overloaded with the psychic energy of others to the point of compromising their own well-being. Yet, most of them do not know they are empaths, much less what to do about it. Currently, most medical doctors and counselors do not recognize empathy overload or know how to treat people who are suffering with this energy-related condition.
If an empath does not understand what is happening he may think he has some form of mental distress or disorder—especially if he hears, sees, and senses things that other people do not. Some empaths have been misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses.

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