July 24, 2011

Resources: Audio to Help Empaths Ground and Center Their Energy - 1

Empathic or energy-sensitive people need help and resources to stay emotionally balanced and protected from the energy of their environment. They pick up all kinds of electrical impulses from cell phones, power plants, and computers to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of those around them. Here is the first in a series of audios designed to help empaths ground and center their energy.

Prepare to establish the color of grounding cord you desire and the length of minutes you would like to have the golden sunlight flow in your aura. Two to five minutes is recommended for beginners. Click the small arrow in the player below to listen to the audio.

Go to here for part two of this exercise.

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  2. Bless you, Christina. I'm thrilled to be able to offer support for empaths like you. Your service to the world is very valuable, and you are wise to take care of yourself to avoid becoming enmeshed with the energy of others.