July 26, 2011

If These Walls Could Talk: How Your Home May Be Affecting You More Than You Think

Growing up it pained me to go into antique stores. I would get this suffocating feeling that felt like the walls were coming in on me. Not to mention all the smells lurking around. I thought I just didn’t like antiques. But looking back I realize that I was picking up on all the energy emanating from the antiques. Each item had stories to tell and memories to share. I just wanted to go home.

It was about five years ago when my understanding of energy took a leap forward. I was lying in bed one Sunday morning gazing across the room thinking about my day when I saw an aura field around the curtain rod. How could this be, I thought? I had previously been able to see aura fields around humans and flowers. But, curtain rods aren’t living. In that moment, I inherently understood what quantum physics has been trying to tell us. Everything is energy and everything has an energy field.

With this understanding, my feng shui practice took off. Every item in our home has an energy field. And that energy field contains everything that item has experienced and witnessed. So you can begin to imagine the overwhelment of walking into an antique store with thousands of items holding years and years of collected energy. You most likely have experienced this yourself. Have you ever walked into someone’s home or even a store and immediately felt uneasy for no apparent reason. The phrase, “you could cut the tension with a knife,” perfectly describes the powerful effects that we all pick up on in spaces, regardless of whether we are extra-sensitive, or not.

We can choose what spaces we go into, but what about our own home? Have you ever considered that the energy in your own home may be negatively affecting you on a daily basis? Our home should instead be our refuge from the world. It should be the one place we can go to recharge our batteries, not run us down. Here’s some suggestions on what to look for and how to minimize the effects of lingering energy in your home.

1. Items With a Past: I walked into a client’s home recently that was filled with amazing, museum-grade relics, such as masks, sculptures, and paintings. These items had a lot to say! Take inventory of your home. Do you have antiques, pre-owned items, or hand-me-down furniture? Hold or touch the item and notice how you feel. You may even be able to read the item for information. No worries, if not. Just notice how you feel. If it’s not a positive feeling, then consider getting rid of the item.

2. Items With Emotional Attachments: Items that trigger emotional memories within ourselves can be the most potent. Once again, take inventory of your belongings and make sure you are not holding on to anything that conjures up negative memories. The most common example what be an item from a previous relationship that was not so good. Use the item to forgive and make peace with the past so that you can move forward. And then say good-bye to that item too.

3. Paint a Room: Paint can immediately transform a room – aesthetically and energetically. If a room doesn’t feel good to you, give it a new coat of paint. It immediately cleans, clears, and brightens a room.

4. Energy From Previous Owners: The first thing we all do when moving into a new space is clean it. No one wants to live among others’ dirt and grime. But what about the previous occupants’ energy? It is essential to space clear your space upon moving in. If you haven’t done it yet, go ahead and do it now! The most common method is by sage smudging with a bundle of sage. However, if you are sensitive to smoke, then check out my Smudge Spray. Using bells is another great way to clear and energize a space. Both of these methods are discussed in more detail in my book, Feng Shui Your Life. The same method you use for your space can be used to clear individual items as well.
Tisha Morris is a feng shui expert, life coach, and the author of Feng Shui Your Life. For more information, visit www.tishamorris.com.
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  1. Great article, full of good advice. I very much agree with your feelings about old items, and being in antique stores! Another way to clear your home (this is very powerful) is to spread a thin layer of Epsom Salt in a burn proof dish, sprinkle on enough rubbing alcohol to cover but not completely saturate it. Set it on a burn proof surface, light it, and intend that the space become void of all energy. Opening a window is helpful to let the energy out, but not necessary. (There is no smell.) Then fill the void with light. Peace!

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, Valerie, and for sharing about Epsom salt to clear. Faith Ranoli is a friend of mine who does energetic clearing for homes. She gave me a similar recipe that I posted on another one of my blogs: http://weareoneinspirit.blogspot.com/2011/01/this-new-year-will-bring-whatever-you.html.

  3. I not only clear, smudge & bless new space, I am sure to clear, bless & smudge old space that I am departing. It is so important to give thanks for the living space you were given, even when moving on from it. :)

  4. That's a great idea, Cairenn! Many people move into a new space and can't figure out why the place feels so strange. It's wonderful that you leave such a blessing behind when you move to a new location. Thanks for sharing that tip.