July 20, 2011

Great Times for an Empath to be Alive!

We live in such wonderful times and it is a privilege to be on planet Earth. We have always been spirit beings with abilities beyond our limited human imaginations, but now we are waking up to these gifts in order to help heal the planet and ourselves/others. Having the ability to shape what others think and experience is quite a serious responsibility. Use your power and send love and light to benefit all.

Here is an encouraging audio message for empaths:

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  1. Wow i almost felt as if you were talking to me, and i must admit i could be so much more healthier and look after my body more, my biggest problem is controlling my temper, i don't lash out but i feel a raging fire that gets worse unless i go for a walk on the beach or get somewhere to relax, but if i cant let go im angry for the whole day :( And yes i was abused in previous relationships to the point of be hospitalised and i do think i am over it and a better person, so thank you for making me link them together as you have explained.

    Thank you again so much for sharing your wisdom.

    I would just also like to tell you that some of the books you mentioned i already have, which is a massive link, and i know this now. I got these books but learning about the law of attraction, and how to align yourself with positive thinking, and that leads to positive feeling. I am starting to realise that everything is linked, i was supposed to be a empath and help people as i do, i was supposed to make a huge difference around the world in eventually speaking out and changing the laws by exposing my statements about dogs and animals and over population, (DONT BREED OR BUY WHILE ANIMALS IN SHELTERS DIE) I speak bluntly against B.S.L (BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION) and because of the conferences i went to and met so many lovely people, even though it was training initially to drop catalogues door to door, and network, and advertise and grow your own team, the main thing i learnt was about the law of attraction, and attracting the positive things in life with the alignment of the universe, and how to ask for it, (HENCE " THE SECRET" ) so i thank you for letting me realsie that all these things were part of me to reaslise this link in my life and what im supposed to do!!! I feel electric :)

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! :D xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. My pleasure to assist you with confirming your spiritual path. So glad you are making progress toward ascension. It will get easier as you let go of any thing that is not serving your highest good.