July 3, 2011

What is This Power Empaths Possess?

It's exciting to connect with other empaths who are ready to start using their intuitive gifts to bless and heal others. The perk is that we heal ourselves in the process!

The "power" empaths possess is that of Spirit/Source/God/Goddess/Universe (whatever you want to call it) moving through us as a vessel or conduit. When we have loving intentions in our hearts and send out energy to others, we can trust that Spirit will direct that healing effort to the exact place it belongs and can have the best effect. We need not try to control that. All we need to be concerned about in this respect is that we stay as clear as possible and listen to the inner voice that instructs us when it is time to send energy to someone.

We do send energy by default (or unknowingly) and we also pick up energy of all kinds. Again, the key is to stay clear as a vessel for this marvelous work.

Take a look around this blog. There are a lot of recommended resources for empaths: CDs, MP3s, books, exercises/visualizations, articles, and even a free telesummit coming in September to train empaths to use their gifts in a more intentional manner.


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