March 18, 2011

Resources: Audio to Help Empaths Set Boundaries and Say No

YOU, my empathic friends, are the guest of honor on my podcast and blog today! This audio is a message delivered  in the form of a meditative affirmation to help empathic people set boundaries and find encouragement to take time in self care.

Most people do not realize how connected we are, let alone how much this connection affects us. We feel compelled to help others even when we need to rest or care for ourselves. We have assigned nobility to the martyr who keeps pushing when they are drained. There's no prize for allowing yourself to be slowly tortured in the name of doing good deeds in your own strength. You must learn to give from the flow of abundant energy of love and light that comes from a higher source. Listen and learn how!

My podcast is archived in case you would like to listen to more spiritually enlightening shows.

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