March 14, 2011

Update on Empath Book Tour

Here is a list of the places we visited on the virtual tour last week:
  • Monday, March 7 - Writers will appreciate the information on Doreen Pendgracs's blog: about the "Big Six" publishing houses, the book industry's primary printer Lightning Source, and why I chose to use CreateSpace to publish my book.
  • Tuesday, March 8 - There are many easy and effective ways to control and eliminate detrimental energy and entities that may have entered your field during your workday.  I give one as an example on Nickolove Lovemore's Skyline Coaching Blog . She also offered a video clip, an excerpt from the book, an article “Clearing Your Energy Field,” and a book review.
  • Wednesday, March 9 - Callie Carling shared a video, book review, and article about ways to identify and distinguish your own energy from that of another person. See her blog, Empowered Healer, at . Here is an excerpt from her book review: It was a huge relief to read through Yvonne’s wonderful book “Whose Stuff Is This?”, nodding vigorously and shedding a few tears as she bravely shared her story . . . it was just SO nice to realise that being an empath is a true gift and there ARE ways to use this amazing natural ability for good effect without being a risk to our own emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Thursday, March 10 - If you don’t know why your mood suddenly changes from light and happy to sad when there is no reason to be sad, you don’t want to miss this informative interview on what it's like to be an untrained empath. Join me and Irene Conlan as we discuss what it means to be an empath in today’s world. We explore how to know if you are empathic and how you can protect yourself from being drained by other people's thoughts and energy. Listen to The Self Improvement Radio Show.
  • Friday, March 11 - Psychologist, Dr. Caron Goode, shares parenting tips for empathic moms and how/why we pick up so much intuitive information from our children. There's also an interview about my writing process that will interest writers and authors, who are trying to decide if writing a book is worth the effort. See Caron's blog at
  • Saturday, March 12 - Why do caregivers burn out? Why do doctors and therapists prescribe drugs for a condition they do not recognize as empathy fatigue? Dr. Goode gives the perfect description of how an empathic person such as a healer or counselor picks up the energy of the clients they care for. Your body and mind can tell you when the session has gone on long enough and needs to end. An empath must care for her own self when trying to help others. Hear Dr. Caron Goode and Shelagh Jones' interview about the psychology of empathy. See Spiritus blog.
To learn where we are going this coming week and what items will be featured, see

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