March 27, 2011

Everyone is Connected to Source and Has Intuitive Abilities

I was stuck in the public library uploading videos one day, so I used the time to read Yvonne and Caron's book, Whose Stuff Is This?. I love being reminded of who we are: consciousness explorers, but I'd have to say that probably few of us enjoyed the journey as empaths until we started making sense of it and began self-mastery.

I have not had the intense experiences Yvonne has had, but I've certainly had depression or anxiety. I used to wonder what the heck was the matter with me. Lots of people thought I was nuts!

Not too long ago, I met with a prospective client and truly couldn't get away from him fast enough. He felt so yucky to me. I don't know how I process this kind of psychic information; I just got out of his presence. My journey has been in giving myself permission to feel good and not sacrifice myself on the altar of others. If the energy of someone or someplace doesn't feel good, I get away. I know they are connected to Source just as I am, so I move on with no guilt.

In reading Yvonne’s account and so many anecdotes of others, I feel a great sense of relief and gratitude for who I am, and for having followed my guidance to read this book. Looking at the journey Yvonne has been on and where she is now . . . wow! Well done indeed. And how wonderful to have Caron's training/language/mental framework to be able to describe this process to others. Great team work that will benefit and enlighten many and move mankind upward in our consciousness evolution.

This book will be helpful to all those light workers who think they've gone over the edge. It will encourage them to keep letting go of limiting, painful, negative beliefs and feel good. I hope that mental health care professionals will read this book and begin to entertain the notion that that mental illness is not illness; but focus and frequencies. I've often said we are all like Neanderthal’s with this energy concept, but at last we're finding our way through it. In fact, I think the term “spirituality” is going to go away as we come to realize that we all have intuitive abilities and they are not limited to the holy and or the mystical person.

It's a I appreciate these two women for answering the call to write this brave, practical, and useful book.

~ Kathy Kirk, life transformation coach, ( author of The Earthling’s Quick Start Guide and Well Done

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