March 13, 2011

Self-Improvement Radio Show with Host Irene Conlan

As empaths, our journey may be to embrace, feel, and connect, but also to thrive, celebrate, and deepen awareness, not only for ourselves, but also for others with whom we are connected. But sometimes our connection attracts the negative energy of those we are trying to help.If you don’t know why your mood suddenly changes from light and happy to sad when there is no reason to be sad, you don’t want to miss this informative interview on what it's like to be an untrained empath.

Join me and Irene Conlan as we discuss what it means to be an empath in today’s world. We explore how to know if you are empathic and how you can protect yourself from the onslaught of other’s thoughts and energy.The gift of empathy can be used to help others.

"If you have mood swings that you can’t explain, become depressed when you have nothing to be depressed about, or if you know what others are feeling and thinking, you may be an empath," says Irene Conlan. "For you, this book is a must read!"

If the player does not load, this audio can be heard on the Self-Improvement Radio Show:

Get the paperback book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings,and Energy of Those Around You at The e-book version is now available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and other digital reading devices.


  1. Hi Miss Yvonne, it was very nice to listen to you on the talk show with miss Irene, while I was listening I feel as if you were speaking about me, I am eternally Humble for all that you and all the other wonderful souls are out there doing to bring these so needed information to us,it really hit home when you say when the student is ready the teacher will present and Oh that so true, I am Alvira we speak over the phone when I was inquiring about your book, and that Day I needed some help so much and I went to the computer and you have projected the help I needed at that moment thank you so very much and please keep up your awesome soul mission I don't know you in person but I sure do know you in spirit,what you mention About your Grand son I had a similarly conversation with my Little Girl when she was three year's Old,I am always checking on your Blogs and reading but I hardly make any comment as I type only with one finger sorry, thank you again, all your work is interested.

  2. Yvonne, I really enjoyed this interview you did! I can feel in listening to you how much stronger you are for sharing your story and wanting to help other empaths.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful, heartfelt comments, Barbara and Alvira. It gives me pleasure to know that you are being helped by my story and efforts to teach others about this misunderstood and often unrecognized intuitive gift. So glad to have you reading this blog.