February 4, 2013

The Career Choices of Empaths

Empaths are loving, caring, kind people who want to help others. They are often found doing volunteer work and may serve others through emotionally-demanding careers as childcare givers, medical professionals, hospice workers, midwives, and such. Most empaths came in with a mission to heal people, animals, plants, and the planet. As healers, many have taken on so much external energy that they spend most of their time trying to clear unwanted energy and recuperate from the last episode that “blew their doors off.”

Peace and joy are natural characteristics of human beings, but because empaths want to heal others and make everyone happy, they tend to absorb negative energy such as fear, depression, or rage instead. Empaths may feel responsible for other people’s happiness and try to fix things that are wrong in other people’s relationships, physical bodies, and even the world. This makes empaths particularly easy targets for emotional vampires—those who don’t want to take responsibility for their own choices and seek someone to do everything for them.

For that reason, many empaths find it hard to be in public or work a job where there is a prevalence of negative energy. If you are finding it difficult, you may benefit from reading my book, Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You. It is a guidebook to teach you how to close off from detrimental energy and open up to your internal guidance.

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