June 21, 2011

What Inspired Me to write a Book About Being an Empath?

I was asked recently, "What inspired you to write this book?"

Like most empathic people, I have always wanted to help others avoid suffering. As strange as this may sound, the one way empaths do this is by taking on the problems of others and suffering on their behalf—kind of like a surrogate for affliction. The other person feels better, but the empath feels horrible.

Many compassionate people do not understand how to set energetic boundaries; they unknowingly pick up energy, emotions, feelings, and illness from their environment and the collective unconscious. Over the past ten years, I’ve researched and tried all kinds of things to alleviate empathy fatigue. There are all kinds of energy-related treatments—herbal remedies, visualizations, meditations, prayers, etc.—that can assist an empathic person on a path to emotional maturity (using the gift of empathy wisely without paying a personal price).

Since writing is my forte, I started writing a blog (http://weareoneinspirit.com) about some of the spiritual practices and protection tips that I use to keep my energy field clear and balance my chakras. A psychotherapist friend of mine, Dr. Caron Goode, suggested I put this information into a guidebook that could be used by energy-sensitive people to set boundaries and manage the overload of energy they absorb. Caron and I feel there is a real need for this material. She provided insight on the psychological aspect of empathy and I wrote about my personal journey through the empath wilderness and how I learned to psychically protect myself as I moved toward wholeness.

PURCHASE paperback book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings,and Energy of Those Around You at http://tinyurl.com/EmpathAmazon. The e-book version is now available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and other digital reading devices.

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