June 19, 2011

Empaths have more power than we realize

We are manifesting faster and with more accuracy and power. Spirit continues to make this known to me. You may have read the post about my experience in which I got angry and hit my husband with detrimental energy and caused him to manifest an instant headache and stomach ache http://whosestuffisthis.blogspot.com/2011/06/power-of-thought.html . Well, while on vacation last week we were visiting an area that was so dry the grass was crunchy and brown. I decided to call forth rain. Guess what happened that night?

I was the only one in the house who slept through the storm that blew down limbs and branches, flooded gardens, and washed out flower beds. Oops! I was just trying to help. I should have either minded my own business or specified a "gentle, soaking rain without damage to property or life."

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  1. ;) You think we can manifest as well as receive everyone else's stuff? That's magic without a wand x If we can channel that for good, imagine what we can do :)

    I often notice that if I really want something it happens, though I have no control of the timing (Sooner or later) and it's not always as I had hoped?

    Unintentionally releasing energy...is this what other do? Its the empaths who feel it! If others feel the emotions of an empath then what are they? Empaths themselves are are we manifesting? Its complicated...

  2. OH, I'm certain we can manifest. In fact, we are doing so more often and more quickly. Every day I'm seeing evidence of this very thing. Every thought we think has the ability to create. And, with the earth shifting into a purer consciousness, we are experiencing many changes personally. This is wonderful, so we still need to be attentive to our thoughts and intentions so we are not flinging detrimental energy around and harming others.