June 21, 2011

Empaths Manifesting Instantly with Spirit

I think I'm on a roll here with this manifesting things instantly. I take this quite seriously because in my heart I always want to bless (and not harm) everyone and everything. In the past few days I've seen more instances of instant manifestation.

On Saturday while lecturing at Cosmic Connections in Nashville, a woman lost a stone she had just purchased for protection. I had mentioned that we are moving into a time when our intention is going to do away with the need to have physical objects to keep us safe--that we are always safe if we truly believe we are. While everyone was on the floor looking for the stone, I spoke with the woman and said something to this effect: "I think Spirit is reminding you that you are more powerful than you think you are and that you really don't need any crutches (stones, amulets, talismans, etc.) to protect you. You have angels, archangels, and ascended masters all around you."

She agreed that she didn't need the stone and guess what? "I found it!" Someone exclaimed as they lifted the pretty stone from the same small area where folks had been searching for almost five minutes.

Today I went to the pet store and was greeted by a friendly cat who sniffed my hand and allowed me to rub her ears. I asked the clerk for probiotics for my dog. She and I were looking all over the shelves where we knew the product normally sits. Neither of us could find the brand I normally buy. About that time the cat came tumbling down the backside of the shelf and knocked several products down. Of course the one that fell off in the floor at my feet was the very one we were looking for.

Coincidence? Notta chance. We are powerful creations of the divine creator. We have the same abilities that our creator has. We are just coming into a time when these gifts are being uncovered and rediscovered. I pray that we learn to use this power wisely to create heaven on earth.

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