June 19, 2011

The Power of Thought

Psychics have a great deal of energy and if we are not in control of  how we use the power of our thoughts and intentions, it can cause harm  to self and others. How do I know this? Many empaths and psychics  report of equipment malfunction in their presence. After stopping  about four watches dead in their tracks within a six-month period in  early 2000s, I stopped wearing a watch. If the Universe wants me to  know what time it is, there will be a clock within sight.

Thoughts are energy, and therefore, very powerful. The more psychic we  are, the more responsibility we have to think positive, non-judgmental, non-fearful thoughts. I’m cautious to send only loving thoughts and energy toward my computer and other electronic devises I own.

One empath I chatted with said she seemed to disable cellphones, wireless devices like printers, keyboards, etc. Her boss used to think she was purposely breaking them. Her printer fried twice for no reason. After that, her boss accused her of being into witchcraft and started telling her how important religion was in society.

This empath and I have both seen manifestations from what we thought or from some intentional manifesting ritual. This is why empaths and  psychics have to sharply watch our intent. It is a very powerful tool.  Let’s use our intent to create peace on earth!

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