May 22, 2011

Tips for Empaths Who Bring Clients/People into Their Personal Space

I know someone who worked from home and had clients in her house for sessions. Her clients were nice people but they all were always nervous, worked up, and self-conscious. When she would attempt to make them feel more comfortable, she ended up feeling unpleasant as she swapped energy with them. Because she couldn't stop feeling everyone’s energy left behind after each visit, she stopped working from home.

If you are an empath who brings clients into your personal space, there are some things you can do to keep clear.

1. Set energetic boundaries around your property/studio by raising the vibration in your setting.
2. Use sage or incense to smudge your house before and after each client
3. Add flowers or potted plants to your decor
4. Have soft, chakra-balancing music playing in the background
5. Use essential oils in aromatherapy to raise the vibration of your space
6. Ground and center your energy and clear your energy field before and after each session
7. Ask angels to bring an orb of golden sunslight to encompass your property
8. Raise your personal vibration by singing, dancing, and other uplifting things before the client arrives.
9. Set your intention not to pick up anything unlike love
10. Use feng shui to set up your home studio in a manner that allows energy to flow more freely


  1. Very informative blog entry with lots of good advice. I'm going to print this off and keep it in my reiki studio as a reminder.

  2. Julia, I'm very pleased that you found this post useful. Thank you for leaving a comment.