May 17, 2011

How did you discover you are an empath?

When you first discover that you are an empath, it can be pretty eye opening. You finally begin to understand why you feel and think the way you do. There's comfort in the company of those who understand what you go through when you feel overwhelmed.

From the time I was young, I was very sensitive to how others felt. I tried to console or “fix” my parents when they argued and it always upset me for anyone to display negativity. I cried a lot—especially when I prayed for others. I called myself an intercessor or prayer warrior as I carried burdens of others to the “throne of grace” on behalf of others. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to leave those burdens there, and continued to carry them with me in the form of worry, anxiety, sickness, depression, underlying stress, and nervousness. I heard voices and could sense subtle energy shifts in a room. I could tell when a disembodied spirit was around me, which was much of the time. I thought I was going crazy and so did some of my family members. There were no answers to be found for my incessant sorrow. Soon, depression began urging me to give up the desire to live.

I remember someone asking me if I was a “surrogate.” My body immediately lurched forward and involuntarily let out a loud, wailing groan and I started crying. That response surprised me, but I realized my intuition or inner guidance was trying to give me a message. I started searching for answers and learned that “empath” is the term for someone who carries the energetic burdens of others. There are a lot of us out there and not all are called intercessors. They wear labels such as nurses, counselors, teachers, energy workers, soldiers, hospice providers, nannies, police, healers, emergency responders, retail clerks, victim advocates, and psychics, to name a few. Although they love people and enjoy what they do, many of them feel depleted, overwhelmed, nervous, depressed, or angry much of the time.

So, how did you find out you were an empath? Leave a comment below this post and let me know how I can reach you. I would like to hear your story and I'll contact you about publishing it here.

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