May 20, 2011

Is the Rapture Going to Happen Tomorrow?

I heard the rumor about tomorrow being the day prophesied by Christians to be the rapture when those who adhere to a certain dogma will be snatched from the earth and the rest of us left to face the aftermath. Naturally, when this many people believe something, it has an effect upon the mass consciousness of humanity. Therefore, a lot of empaths are sensing fear, unrest, and sorrow. Some are reporting an ominous feeling that something horrible on a planetary scale is about to occur, so I want to address this.

Those whose empathic and psychic abilities are keen, are picking up on the collective fear that is being generated by the millions of fundamentalists who believe that tomorrow is the day that Jesus Christ will return to collect His people. Thus, according to this legend, a vast number of humans will be suddenly exited from the earth in mass numbers by something similar to an abduction by aliens. A lot of folks are panicking about this possibility, but why? Okay, so it could happen, I guess. But, people have cried wolf, saying for a thousand or more years that the rapture is coming.  Many have prophesied rapture dates that have come and gone without event.

My personal guess is that nothing catastrophic is going to happen: no rapture, no polar shift, no meteor hitting the earth, etc. However, I'm not discounting that a huge catastrophic event such as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and other horrific natural events could occur. We have seen many signs that the earth is rocking and reeling as it nears the center of the Milky Way Galaxy as discussed by Gregg Braden in his book, Fractal Time. But no matter what happens, we have nothing to fear. We are spirit beings having an earth experience. We will continue to exist in peace, love, and light in the afterlife no matter when or how we exit the earth plane.

If you read yesterday's post "Unlimited God," you realize that we cannot be separated from our creator. We are of the Light and will eventually return to the Light--whether tomorrow or a hundred years from now. So, no panic is necessary. Quite the opposite: holding peace and love in our hearts and mind and sending that out to the collective consciousness may very well have a calming impact to help avoid planetary upset on a wide scale.  The earth is a conscious living, entity that is effected by the emotions of her inhabitants. Send her the energy of the Love that you are! Be the peace that you desire. Forgive all offenses and see everyone as part of you and God/Goddess.

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