March 22, 2011

Spiritual Connection Between Us: Empathy Tour Day 20

Tuesday, March 22 - Anne Lyken-Garner (@esther96 on Twitter) shares a media release about empathy on

No one feels the power of our spiritual connection more than energy-sensitive people known as empaths, who unknowingly pick up on the detrimental thoughts, feelings, and even the illnesses of others and their environment. Many empaths carry the negativity of others as if it were their own. Some are so burdened with the energy of others, they are no longer aware of what their own energy feels like.

Mysterious illnesses, anxiety attacks, hearing voices, seeing shadows, feeling negative, fearful, anger, or having an impending sense of dread are indications of an empathic person accessing other realms.

Around your physical body, there is a magnetic shield of energy known as your aura. Your aura gathers energy and information as you interface with your environment. Ideally, your energy field should be kept two to three feet from your body, but many untrained empaths unknowingly allow their aura to extend and blend with the energy fields of others who have lax auric boundaries.

Please leave a comment here or on her blog if you have any questions about empathy or intuition you would like answered during this tour.


  1. Ok I may be grasping at straws here but I'm confused as to what is happening to me. I'm usually a very calm, happy person. I used to be nervous and anxious a lot but for the past few years I have gotten into bother distance running and meditation which have left me very content with my life and very calm. However, two nights this week, I woke up with an intense feeling of dread in the middle of the night. The dread was not connected with anything in my life at all, it was more like a metaphysical dread, like knowing there's something absolutley terrifying about the state of the world but not precisly what it is. I laid in bed with this horrible feeling for two hours, went back to sleep, woke up and it was gone completely, I was competley back to my old calm self.
    People have been telling me that it sounds like a panic attack but that does not make sense to me because usually precursors to these are mental disorders or depression and I am in no way depressed. Does this sound like it could be something to do with empathy. If it's something different be honest. I just want to know what's happening. Sorry about the long post and thanks.

    1. Panic attacks can result from a brain chemical imbalance, not just a mental illness. However, your experience sounds like you awoke during an empathic work detail. We do energy work, world healing, shamanic travel, council meetings, transmutation, etc. while in the dream state. Since it was resolved by the time you awoke, you (and others you might have been working with) could have averted a world-wide trauma through your intercessory work. Just my opinion.

      There are also some strong cosmic energies radiating upon the earth right now. People report feeling some strange episodes that come and go without rhyme or reason.