February 17, 2011

Five Simple Steps for Developing Intuition

By Yvonne Perry

I believe everyone is intuitive regardless of background. I’m not saying that everyone has the makings of being a psychic medium, but we are all born with a varying degree of intuitiveness. I’m sure you can think of a time when you have experienced an inner knowing, voice, vision, or feeling that instructed you not to go in a certain direction, or to make a particular decision, or perhaps you knew when someone was lying to you.
While we are born with intuition, we can choose to either shut it out and ignore it or listen to this guidance and allow it to become clearer. By choosing to develop your intuition, you can gain insight into daily situations and make more informed decisions throughout your life.

Some ways to tap into your intuition include the following:

Grounding. Electricity always needs to be grounded in order not to overload. We have an electric field around us that houses our personal energy. It can be grounded to the Earth through walks in nature, working in the garden, or visualizing a cord of light extending from root chakra (an energy vortex near the tail bone) or your feet into the Earth.

Meditation. To find your intuitive self, you have to be alone in order to get to know who you are, but many times we are too busy to tune into the inner voice of guidance. Meditation or silence allows us to hear our intuition. A lot of people think meditation is a state of not having any thoughts but the idea is to let the thoughts come and go without being attached to them. You will know when you have tapped into higher wisdom. The goal in meditation is to let go and just be.

Conscious breathing is very balancing, calming, and beneficial. It refreshes every cell in our body as we take in oxygen. Five minutes of deep breathing while counting your inhalations and exhalations can help restore a sense of calmness and regulate the heartbeat. Controlling and counting the breaths develops the concentration and focus needed to manage mental noise. Do this while sitting in a comfortable position with your spine straight.

Writing or journaling allows us to clear our minds of distracting thoughts and get down to what is really bothering us. This is when we can begin to see the solutions that come from within. Before beginning your writing session, light a candle and ask for guidance. Then, write whatever comes into your head. You may be surprised at what you read later.

Yoga is one of the best modalities because it incorporates grounding, centering, breathing, and exercise while connecting with the Divine. Even if only for a few minutes, this will help open the chakras and refresh your mind and body.

If you want to learn how to manage your intuitive gift and clear your energy field, begin to nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Your time and attention to the spiritual aspect of who you are will bring forth the knowledge of your inner self. See a list of resources for empaths.

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  1. I cannot wait to read your book! From what I've read so far on your blog I already know I'm going to not only love it, but I know I will find a few key pieces that will act as a throttle and aide me in fulfilling my purpose.

    Finding people like me who share the same common goal is like hitting the jackpot of life. It fuels me in a way I cannot put into words.

    Thank You!

    With Love and Light,



  2. This is so true, many parents "shut off" their childs natural ability to be an intuitive being at a young age, we are just born this way. I agree with the Yoga insight, I LOVE YOGA! I tell everyone I know to do yoga for its calming and body toning benefits ;)Intuition just comes, I don't have to try most of the time, since the age of 27-28 my realization of what was happening to me became how do I deal with this gift? I continue to learn everyday...Thanks for more insight! Have a wonderful day :)

  3. Thank you for your wonderful comments, Christina and Wendy. Dr. Caron Goode and I had an interview yesterday with Lynn Serafinn on Garden of the Soul Radio Show that touched on parenting empathic children as well as some modalities to help adult empaths ground and center their energy, and raise their vibration.
    I hope you get a chance to listen to the audio in this post: http://whosestuffisthis.blogspot.com/2011/02/spiritual-support-is-mandatory-for.html