February 2, 2011

Empathic Intercessory Prayer Warrior

For years while in the constraints of organized religion, I didn’t know I was an empath. I had never heard the term, but I tried to help people understand and accept my spiritual “gift.” Those who witnessed my intercessory prayer efforts didn’t understand what was going on and very few desired to pray with the intensity that I did. I still wonder how many prayer warriors are empaths who simply don’t know why they have mysterious illnesses and feel drained all the time. When I let the word out that I was writing a book on this topic, people started coming out of the woodwork, asking questions, relating their “ah ha” moments, and willing to share their stories as empaths. Alas, I found that we empaths are plenteous in number!

I shared my personal story in my book because it is an unusual one, but one that many empaths will relate to. If I can help one person avoid what I went through, it will be worth the effort it took to write the book. For those who feel stuck, helpless, and desperate, there is hope. If I can come out of the horrible state of despair I was in, so can you.

As I felt more comfortable with who I am and learned to manage energy, I realized I could actually help empaths who are just beginning to realize that they are tapping into other people’s pain, suffering, drama, illnesses, and injuries. Perhaps I could teach empaths what I have learned the hard way so they could avoid misery that comes from lack of knowledge. I decided to share my spiritual practices and coping methods because I know they work.

To illustrate points of discussion and carry the message of hope to those who can’t relate to my Christian-prayer-warrior-turned-metaphysician background, I collected insight from empaths who have walked a different path. I have also researched this topic to find out what the experts are saying about empathy.

My utmost intention is to help you find healing by recognizing your own energy and preventing random energetic exchanges that occur without your conscious awareness. In my book I teach how to raise your vibration and connect with spirit teachers in higher realms, making you less attractive to lower level energies. By setting healthy boundaries and developing emotional intelligence, you can manage your own energy and discern what others are feeling without actually having to suffer for it! In fact, with a little more information, you will be able to turn this “curse” into a gift that can ease the emotional and physical pain of others.

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