February 14, 2011

VIDEO: From birth to death to afterlife, We are mysteriously connected

Because we are connected, everything we think, say, or do affects all of humanity and ultimately our planet.

It’s called empathy when we put ourselves into the situation of another person in order to feel for them. Some people are so empathic that they actually feel WITH or on behalf of another person. We call them empaths.

These individuals are so sensitivity to the energy of their environment, they easily become over stimulated and are unable to be in public without taking on the burdens of strangers. Some empaths sense the physical pain, and even the illnesses, of others.

When a tragic world event occurs, empaths may feel the sorrow, loss, and despair of those in another country. The feeling of hopelessness shakes them to the very core of their being. This intuitive ability is life disrupting for some empaths. Feeling too deeply causes depression, fatigue, and unexplainable mood swings.
Empaths are loving, caring, kind people who want to help others. They are often found doing volunteer work and may serve others through emotionally-demanding careers as childcare givers, medical professionals, hospice workers, midwives, and such.

Between fifteen and twenty percent of the population have an excess amount of sentient ability. They tend to become overloaded with the psychic energy of others to the point of compromising their own well-being. Yet, most of them do not know they are empaths, much less what to do about it.

If an empath does not understand what is happening he may think he is suffering from some form of mental distress or disorder. Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are a subtle form of energy. Currently, most medical doctors and counselors do not recognize empathy overload or know how to treat people who are suffering with this energy-related condition.

Many times empaths are unable to identify or separate their own energy from that of another person. The good news is there is help for empaths in a new book titled Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You. The information in this book will lead you to a better understanding of our energetic connection and help you learn to manage the gift of empathy while developing trustworthy intuition.

With a chapter on the psychology of empathy by Dr. Caron Goode, this book teaches how to
• Shield yourself from unwanted energy as you develop emotional intelligence
• Offer compassion without paying a personal price
• Set boundaries and detach from environmental stimuli including the energy of people and entities
• Raise your vibration to a level that makes you invisible to lower-vibrating energy
Both intuition and empathy allow us to access mental and emotional information that has not been verbally communicated. Developing your intuition and empathic abilities is a journey of self-discovery that can awaken you to an entirely new understanding about life and what you currently believe about yourself.
The more we embrace the fact that we are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally connected to one another, the more responsible we must become in managing our personal energy and our electromagnetic field.

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