February 18, 2011

Online Classes and Groups to Help Empaths


Empath Community is a Facebook discussion page founded and operated by Dr. Michael R. Smith, author of The Complete Empath Toolkit.

Elise Lebeau has information on her Web site for empaths: http://www.eliselebeau.com/empaths. She also sponsors a networking group for empathic people to connect and find community at http://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com.

Online courses by Harriette Knight are offered on an ability-to-pay basis at www.DailyOm.com. Choose from How to Fire Up Your Chakras, A Year of Intuitive Illuminations, and The Power of Gemstones.

EmpathConnection.com a community of empaths sharing insight and finding answers on Facebook

An empath community based on sensitivity, support, and compassion.

Care of the Sensitive class is a psychic and healing class for creative, intuitive, and sensitive people.

More Resources

Books, E-books, and Audio Books
Jewelry and Gemstones
Practitioners who understand empaths
Quizzes and Tests
Radio Shows
Videos, CDs, & DVDs
Blogs & Web sites

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