April 14, 2013

A Book to Help You Curb Emotional Trauma

In my book, Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, I share my background to show how out of balance my life once was due to being an empath. My personal experience shows some unusual ways empathy operated in my life as an intercessor prayer “warrior” (invasive to the free will of another person).

These days, if I pray for anyone, I do not allow myself to become emotionally involved. I no longer assume to know the plan for another person’s soul. I refuse to usurp the free will of others as I did many times in my religious prayer efforts when I was trying to save the world. Instead, I send people divine love and light—a beneficial energy they can use however they need to. Since I am directing a higher energy rather than sending out my own energy, I am not taking on the detrimental energy my prayer recipients release from their blocked chakras, auras, or body cells. I am detached from the recipient’s energy.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a spiritual or religious person, I’m certain you will find application and see how empathy fatigue may be operating in your life. My goal is to help you avoid the trauma I experienced and to teach you how to stay healthy in your own body, mind, and emotions. While I cared for people through prayer, you may care for them physically through your work as a nurse, hospice volunteer, medical professional, or some other service-oriented occupation. Learn more about this book!

PURCHASE the paperback book, Whose Stuff Is This? Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You at http://tinyurl.com/EmpathAmazon.
The e-book version is now available for Kindle, iPhone, iPad, and other digital reading devices on Smashwords.com. Get the PDF on the author's website: WeAreOneinSpirit.com.
Why not have someone read the book to you? Check out the audio book MP3 file version.

The author, Yvonne Perry, is available as a spiritual coach. See http://weare1inspirit.com/services/coaching/ for information about a free 10-minute evaluation to see if coaching is right for you.

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