January 15, 2013

Divine White Light to Protect Empaths in Public Settings

Whenever I feel uneasy or am about to go into a public setting where I may encounter a high influx of energy from others, I visualize Divine white light extending from the highest realms of the universe to the center of Gaia—Mother Earth. This light surrounds my body and aura, as it clears and balances all aspects of my being. I establish a grounding cord of the color I feel impressed is right for the situation. I draw in my aura size to about two feet from my body.

I ask for a shower of golden sunlight to flow through my aura for about two minutes while I visualize the Christ-gold light and Archangel Michael’s blue light surrounding me. I ask Archangel Chamuel to help lost souls find their way to the light without my having to be consciously involved in the process.

Finally, before leaving home, I ask for the violet flame of St. Germaine to surround the outer boundary of my aura to transmute any negative energy into an energy form that is beneficial for me, my body, my life, and others. Using the decree below, spend a few moments (three times a day is recommended), visualizing yourself standing within a pillar of Violet Flame rushing from your feet to some distance above your head and extending for at least three feet on each side around your body.
Here is an exercise found in The Saint Germain Series by Godfré Ray King:

Mighty I AM Presence! blaze through me Thy Conforming Flame of Divine Love. Take this desire out of me, annihilate its cause and effect, past, present and future, and replace it by the Fullness of Yourself, your Perfect satisfaction, and hold your Full Dominion here forever.

Hold this picture as long as you can and feel the Flame, which is the purifying power of Divine Love, penetrating every cell of your body. This dissolves all impure and unnecessary substances in the cells of the body, thus clearing and illumining the consciousness.

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