July 18, 2012

There is No Such Thing as End of Time

Everything is part of a cyclical process. Even when we’re talking about the end of life and astrological cycles, these are man-made cycles.

Yet, we have heard that the Mayan calendar is coming to a close. We’ve got prophecies from the Bible and Nostradamus and people everywhere talking about the end times. It’s all over the Internet. Even one newscaster made a statement to effect that “if we’re still here after December 21, 2012 …” Unfortunately, we have a lot of fear encircling this date.

This date is actually leading us toward a very harmonious shift into something wonderful and grand. But, we have got to get past the fear-based, doomsday, catastrophic mindset regarding it in order to see the beauty of this special time and help facilitate the shift. That’s what Yvonne’s latest book is about—how to help facilitate that shift within yourself and let that flow from you to help others to make that change as well.

We are awakening spiritually to our truth that we are divine beings. There is no ending for the soul. We are all one. There’s really no separateness. We are many and we are one. We may have individual personalities, but we are still connected by spirit, even by the breath that we breathe. The air that we breathe is shared universally across the world.

We are still connected, and I think that’s one reason why we are feeling so much of the shift—the pain and sorrow of others as well as the ecstatic joy of entering into a new phase of human development. We’re leaving old things behind and we’re moving into beautiful spiritual truths and living more authentically. We’re opening to more spiritual gifts and miracles. We’re already seeing people become more telepathic in communicating with one another. We’ve seen more gifts of healing demonstrated. These are precursors to what’s coming next.

There are going to be some shifts that we have to go through but there are ways to make it easier. One thing is to stop resisting change and begin to flow with Spirit in allowing your own healing and transformation to take place. I encourage you to get into your heart space, into that centered place within you where love abides and you feel at home. There, you feel a connection with the creator, or God—whatever you want to call that creative energy. To be at one with the I AM Presence brings phenomenal peace regardless of what’s going on or what changes are taking place outside of you. Soon you will begin to radiate such love and joy, peace and light from within your heart center, that it has an effect on your outer world. That’s because our inner world affects our outer world. I think the most important about this shift is that we are awakening from within.

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