July 26, 2012

New Sensations and Vision in Spiritual Awakening

Seeing auras, having new sensations, being empathic, and seeing different colors you’ve never seen before are all signs of spiritual awakening. If you are an empath you may be like a forerunner among your friends and family as you seem to spiritually open up ahead of others.

We are awakening to other dimensions than just our 3D world. Our physical eyes are opening up, our spiritual eyes are opening up, our sensate being is opening up we’re feeling things, seeing things, hearing things that we’ve not heard, seen, or felt before. It’s not the floaties you see in your eye, and it’s not something in your Eye. You see something shimmering in your vision then all of a sudden it’s gone and you wonder “What was that?”

Or you see things in your peripheral vision and when you turn your head, there’s nothing there, Yet, you know you saw something. Others are having body sensations, it which it feels like somebody is touching you, tickling you, or tingling in the crown of the head. These are all the signs that you are opening up and awakening to higher dimensions. We’re going to see this increase more as we move through this great shift.

I dedicated an entire chapter in my new book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience to talking about the signs of ascension.

Another sign of spiritual awakening is the urge to purge through decluttering, detoxing, and simplifying life. They may be tossing, giving away, or repurposing items. More and more people are downsizing as they realize they simply don’t need so much stuff. Materialism is taking a backseat to spiritual pursuits.

Some have a sense of re-connecting with Mother Goddess by growing their own food. Doing anything to reconnect with the Earth itself is very important because it’s helps to ground some of the accelerated energies and return the Earth to its pristine origins. I can hardly stay indoors this summer. I have this urge to sit outside, walk in the woods, or get in the water. There is something definitely changing. What is happening in your life?

Learn more about the ascension process in this audio replay with Lisa Barretta and Yvonne Perry:

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