May 24, 2012

Yvonne Perry's New Book is Here!

And, now! The moment we've all been waiting for! My new book is now available on Amazon as a paperback and for the Kindle Reader! 

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Do you feel like a misfit in your own life and body? Maybe you awoke from a strange dream too vivid not to be real. Have you survived a near-death experience, had an out-of-body occurrence, or dissociative episode, or soul exchange? Others may have noticed the change and made comments like, “You act like a totally different person.” Inwardly, you may be confused, overly sensitive, or so anxious it feels as though your nervous system has been hooked to an electric power line.

Perhaps your soul has received a download from an ascended master, or your twin flame has merged with your energy. Might that explain the ascension symptoms and sudden changes?

Regardless of what has happened, you may need help integrating these higher frequencies that are now available to you. Shifting into Purer Consciousness can help you manage the physical and emotional symptoms associated with rapid spiritual progress.

You may be one of the millions of people who are spiritually growing faster than your body can tolerate. What you are experiencing is a normal response known as ascension symptoms. What if a multidimensional form of yourself—from a realm with a purer consciousness—has arrived to guide you through the challenging times we are facing?

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In Shifting into Purer Consciousness, Yvonne Perry will share her story about how she learned to integrate the accelerated energies of a more evolved version of her soul that merged with the soul that originally incarnated in her human body. Once she learned to manage the human experience of spiritual transformation, she became active in working to anchor her light body and help the earth and others ascend.

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While this book can benefit any spiritual seeker, it is intended to help those who are fearful of the future due to having been indoctrinated by fear-based religions that teach a dreadful end of time. So many of these dear ones are having experiences that do not align with their religious dogma and they are searching for answers. Shifting into Purer Consciousness provides support for those who want to take their spiritual path up an octave. This book will be filled with tips on how to make the ascension process easier and quicker.

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