May 14, 2012

Ways to Ground and Center Your Energy

A few months ago Sheryl Glick was my guest on We Are One in Spirit Podcast. She spoke about empaths managing energy. I’ll share a few highlights from that interview here and you may listen to the entire interview at

Sheryl: Before I go into any challenging situation, let’s say I’m going to a meeting where there is going to be some confrontation, I ground myself visualizing ropes from my feet and hips going down into the ground and anchoring myself. Then, breathing up the divine energy of the earth and bringing down energy from above, I closed my chakras so that I as a sensitive will not feel every bit of anger or discouragement from other people in the meeting.

Depending on how toxic the environment might be, I put armor. Think of Joan of Arc, a beautiful girl long ago who was so bold and beautiful. She listened to spirit to know what she had to do for her life pattern. She used armor across her chakras, across her chest, her heart, her solar plexus, and over her third eye. I ask my guides and other vibrational beings, loved ones, angels, whoever walks with me, to be around me and help me listen and give out whatever input necessary at the time, and to pay attention to any signs from people who need a little help. If I can be of help, I will certainly give it but my physical being is protected, my energy is strong, and no matter how toxic or what kind of energy I am safe. I’m not going to pick up energy from people who are very needy and don’t know how to get energy from above. Those who are not in alignment with Spirit think that they will feel better taking energy from someone else or upsetting someone else who has a strong sense of self. These are energy vampires. They want to feel good, healthy, happy, and strong like spiritually-minded people. They just don’t know how to do it yet. They are just functioning at a lower level and they need help to come up but you certainly can’t change them. They have to change themselves and they have to want to make the shift. But you can be an example to show them how to be strong and courageous and protect yourself.

Yvonne: I like to do a meditation as well as grounding and centering. Grounding and centering is of vital importance to those who are empaths. It’s a tool of standard equipment you must have.

Sheryl: You can put yourself in a cylinder of light. You can picture yourself in an elevator of Plexiglas. You can think of yourself washing out the toxins like being in a waterfall in nature and letting everything that does not pertain to your thoughts and other people’s behavior just float out of you. There are many different ways but they do work. I have learned how powerful these visualizations and concentrated thoughts for protecting yourself. You can be the healthy vibrant soul that you’re going to be and the other influences will not influence you so much.

Yvonne: Exactly. Instead of putting up walls, you’re just setting healthy energetic boundaries. The same you would do when you lock your doors at night before you go to bed. You put whatever measures in place you need to protect yourself.

Sheryl: Yes, to be comfortable, so we’re at ease and there is no disease. Disease really is just discomfort in the body. It comes from thoughts and patterns in behavior that we learned from others that were not good for us so we have to let go of all that. We have got to return to our own destiny and our pattern of life and what we came here to do. To fill our promises to those in spirit and when we return to them and say we gave it our all that’s all we really need to do and give it a good shot.

Yvonne: Thank you so much for sharing with us today, Sheryl. It’s such a wonderful insight. Thank you all for participating in this call and Sheryl for answering questions and giving us some interesting food for thought.

Sheryl: Let’s all be grateful for the life we have and the people we have in our life. Instead of concentrating on our challenges, let’s look for the positive. Let’s look for the good in people. Let’s look for the good in ourselves, and love ourselves so we know we’re doing the best we can and accentuate the positive. This message came from my mom this week. What you put your energy into what you put your thoughts. This manifests quickly so we don’t want to accentuate anything that we don’t feel will be best for ourselves and for others.

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