May 7, 2012

Empaths Learning to Manage Energy

A few months ago Sheryl Glick was my guest on We Are One in Spirit Podcast. She spoke about empaths managing energy. I’ll share a few highlights from that interview here and you may listen to the entire interview at

Sheryl: There’s so much interest now in nutrition and exercise, walking, being in nature, listening to music, eliminating stress. These are all beginning awarenesses to understanding that we are energy beings having a physical life. We need to find ways to make ourselves thrive. The definition of healing is a multi-dimensional process. We work with spirit for our healing. We’re not just working with medical people, medicines, and surgeries to heal our physical body. We’re working with people in the spirit realm who are helping us learn more about ourselves through our strengths and our possibilities for growth on all levels. It’s not just about ridding the body of disease symptoms; it’s about incorporating all aspects of our physical and spiritual needs and embracing all situations, no matter how difficult. They come to us as an opportunity to grow our levels of courage, honesty, integrity, and love. Our level of loving is an indicator of true healing. That’s when the mind body and spirit cooperate.

Yvonne: Healing is not just the absence of symptoms, it’s the whole body well-being. The mind-body-spirit well-being, which means having peace no matter what the circumstances we are in.

Sheryl: Right, and allowing and accepting any challenge that comes without saying, “Why me?” and blaming other people. It’s about going beyond judgment to say, “This is my journey and if Spirit has given me this—whatever event we are involved in—there is a reason for it and I’m going to do the best I can to make choices to help myself and help others.” That’s healing. That’s being confident in who you are, loving your life, loving people in spirit, loving people here and not being afraid to lose anything. You never really lose anything. Every loss or when a person leaves your life is another opportunity for you to experience new people and new understandings and to grow, expand, and evolve. That’s what we’re here in this life to do.

Yvonne: Sheryl you mentioned that you’ve learned as an empath how to protect yourself. If you could share a tip or two on how you protect yourself when you are in a public place where there is a lot of energy brewing about around you. That means staying in integrity during trials.

Carol (a listener calling in): Look at the ugliness with the banking fraud going on globally right now and corruption in general. No matter what it looks like we have to keep our integrity, our connection to spirit, our sense of love and what’s right.

Sheryl: We’re all very concerned about the changes coming now in 2012. There’s a big shift in people’s DNA. Originally, we had 12 spirals to our DNA when life was more peaceful before all this technological input, before people became so greedy, corrupt, and we had all these scandals in all areas of life: educational, financial, religious. We’re riddled with scandal and corruption right now. There is going to be a return; there’s a change going on and physical life is shifting into a spiritual higher consciousness. It’s happening now. We must be aware of what we know to be correct in order to be conscious citizens to the universe—not just of our little home or town or country—but to the world. And beyond this world but universally, as there are dimensions beyond Earth life. Some people understand energy and understand life after death and understand the progression of the evolution of humanity. Science and spirituality are merging. One is no better than the other; they are equally looking for an answer to who we are, what life is all about, and where we return upon dying.
I was told by my mother in spirit through a medium years ago. She said to me, you have honesty and you have integrity, so stop thinking with your mind. Use your heart and you will be a medium. When she was alive my mother would not have said anything like that or even understood it, but now she’s giving me permission through spirit to go ahead and develop a talent that I didn’t even know I had. It gave me permission to use it to help other people understand more about themselves.

People are awakening to their own energy as a soul being and know that we’re connected to each other. Yes, everyone is connected in the universe. We are in this oneness, like the name of this show says We Are One in Spirit, and one in humanity. We need to treat each other cooperatively instead of through competition and divisiveness. We need to come together in love and harmony. There are a lot of people now finding this path and I trust it will make the shift necessary to change these institutions that have lost their way.

There is nothing to worry about. There is enough of us awakening to the light and vibration of higher energy to get things back on track, and that’s just what we’re doing by talking today.

Yvonne: I’m writing a book called Shifting into Purer Consciousness. It’s all about the 2012 shift and how it’s affecting empaths and people known as walk-ins or those who have received a download of their higher self. When faster-vibrating cosmic energy comes into the Earth plane, as it has been for several years now, it sometimes upsets our entire apple cart until we learn how to integrate those higher vibrations. These energies are being sent to us and we are to employ them to help make the shift in human consciousness happen.

Sheryl: Also my book, Whispers from Spirit, is also a way for people to see that they need to align to higher energy for all positive interactions with other people and to stop taking energy from others because it never works that way. You cannot take what is not yours. The law of attraction says that what you give out is what you receive. To allow the energy to download from Spirit to us we can have an abundant life. We can a healthy vibrant and joyful experience, but too many people live in fear of not having enough in this physical world. So, they are busy blaming, judging others, and taking from others. This is what has caused all these institutions to flounder. So we are here to help people return to their connection to divine energy, which will ultimately clear out a lot of this negative input and vibration. We can’t be with people who are vibrating at a low level or acting at that level. We need to be with people who are more in line with Spirit so we can create this higher vibration and make the changes that are necessary right now at this time.

Yvonne: Right! We’re shifting from a male dominant viewpoint, which is consumerism, greed, competition in a “gimmie gimmie’ mindset, and we’re moving more into a matriarchal divine mother energy that is nurturing, cooperative, and community oriented where everyone is respected and treated equal.

Sheryl: Yes we’re going from a self-absorption ego-minded and dominating energy to a more cooperative, compassionate, loving, and nurturing energy. This goes for men too. Men are going to have a little bit of a harder time because they don’t have the same essence of spiritual energy but they are going to do it too. Not all of them of course.

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