April 20, 2011

What Are We Protecting Ourselves From?

There are at least two dozen techniques in my book to help empaths (energy-sensitive people) manage the high volume of energy they are able to pick up. Some people have taken this to mean that we need to protect ourselves from some evil forces, but this is not true. There is nothing to be afraid of or be protected from.

All the practices in my book are for expanding our consciousness, raising our vibration, grounding our energy, and reminding us of who we are—light beings. We are photons in a field of light. When we get entangled with the stuff of the earth plane, all we need to do is focus on love, breathe in light, and know that we are part of divine source.

We are here with a purpose to help one another grow spiritually. Having a spiritual practice brings us back into emotional balance and shows us how much power we really have, and who we are as part of the divine matrix.

The resources are for those who have not been doing any kind of spiritual exercise, or who have not set boundaries with people they let walk all over them. It's necessary for empaths to stand in their power in order to bring in the light and transmute the negativity of the earth plane. It's the role we have agreed to play in the shifting of earth's consciousness. Learn more on my interview with a fellow empath, Dr. Michael R. Smith.

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  1. great explanation of the empath's journey. Thanks for clarifying that for other people. Wonderful book.