December 17, 2013

Unusual Meditation Techniques You've Never Heard Of

By Elise Lebeau

Meditation is a very personal thing. When my Empath and Intuitive skills went "live", I was overwhelmed with information and soooooooooooooo many people recommended meditation.

But I hated meditation...No kidding! Just sitting there, trying not to think of pink elephants. It was like a refined form of torture and, worst of all, oh so boring...

The answer came from one of my Spirit Guides one day. He suggested I try a mediation that involved watching movies. Huh? Does that count, I wondered... Since then, my guides have come up with all kinds of unusual meditation techniques that work for me, and now I love it.

Since I am an engineer, things make sense to me when they have a purpose. In my life, meditation is an processing activity, like a computer that needs some time to open up Word or to connect to the Internet. Computers also needs processing time when turning off, to cleanly organize all the new data that has been created.

When I meditate, I keep my left brain out of the way so that my right brain can process all the information I've been receiving (the right brain handles creative, intuitive and abstract data). When I'm done, my mind-computer is responsive again and I'm not just staring at the little hourglass, waiting for the processing to complete before I get my answer!

These are my two favorite meditations techniques. Try them out and feel free to tweak them! Remember that meditation is supposed to feel good.

The Movie Meditation:

1) Select a movie and set your intention to "meditate" while you are watching it.

2) As soon as you start watching, your brain will do what needs to be done to start processing. Even if you don't know what that involves, your brain does! Just like your brain knows how to keep your body functioning while you think of something else.  Movies are great because they keep your left brain busy, leaving the right brain free to go in processing mode. This is a lot easier than trying to turn down your left brain!

3) After the movie, take a moment to "reboot" your mind-computer. Do you get a message? What thoughts pop into your mind? This is a great time for profoundly creative ideas to come up so make sure you're listening! And take notes, if you feel so inclined! They'll be priceless!

The Cat Meditation

You know how some people take "cat naps"? A few minutes here and there and they're all refreshed! I've noticed that processing doesn't have to be done all at once in a gruesome 1 hour session. Your brain always knows where it left off processing and it can continue at any time!

The Cat Meditation is a series of very short meditations (and by short I mean that 5 seconds is enough!) that you can easily do without needing to stop the flow of your day. Over time, I have found that I was yearning for longer processing time without ever having to force it.

1) In the Cat Meditation, you're actually turning down your left brain for a brief period. This is different than the Movie Meditation, where you keep your left brain busy in order to facilitate processing. To do this, just imagine a blank screen in your mind. Like you're watching a movie screen but the movie hasn't started yet.

2) Keep it short! For most of us, it won't be long before you start seeing thing (or hearing things) on your blank screen. By then, your left brain has started being active again so you're done!

tip: If you can't keep the screen blank (it's ok, I had a hard time with that at first), try counting to 10. Your left brain might be more willing to stay quiet if you give it a little something to do at first.

3) Here are some great ways to practice this:

- Do a Cat Meditation while reading a book each time you turn a page
- Do a Cat Meditation while watching TV on the first commercial (mute the TV first!)
- Do a Cat Meditation when you get in the car every morning
- Do a Cat Meditation when you start to brush your teeth!  Enjoy!

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