December 10, 2013

Empaths - Who Do You Go to in Times of Need?

By Elise Lebeau

Empaths can easily be swayed by the feelings of others. It's pretty much an occupational hazard when you can feel what other people feel. Even if you know how to manage your Empath skills, there are times when you will be affected by the people around you...

This is especially true in times of need, where you are more susceptible to soak up someone else feelings unconsciously.  This raises an important issue for Empaths: who will you chose to spend time with when you feel unhappy?

For example, if you are having problems at work, choosing to talk about it with someone who is ALSO unhappy is more likely to make your situation even worse because you'll be adding their unhappy feelings to your unhappy feelings! What a snowball effect...Pretty soon you'll feel like a pressure cooker ready to explode!

If instead you chose to have lunch with someone who IS happy at work, you're "pulling yourself up" by soaking in their feelings of contentment. As Empaths, you don't even have to *talk* to them, since you can feel their emotions directly. Just being in their presence and letting them surround you with positive emotions will have an uplifting effect on you.

Likewise, when *you* feel strong, you can chose to uplift others by broadcasting your feelings of happiness by being around them! Remember that everyone has the biological equipment necessary to do read other people's emotions. Empaths just happen to be more sensitive to emotions and hopefully, able to read others more consciously.

This is also a major reason why Empaths spend a lot of time by themselves. They usually don't like crowd or parties. They usually prefer one on one conversations where it's a lot easier to keep track on who's feeling what. Unfortunately, so many Empaths think they do this because something is wrong with them. That they *should* be out there in big groups of people. That they have "issues" and cannot lead a normal life. That is NOT TRUE!

Spending time by yourself when you feel vulnerable is a GREAT IDEA! It makes things so much simpler, allowing you to really focus on how *you* feel instead of having to sort out what's yours and what's theirs. It's oftentimes the smartest thing you can do.

So please, as a personal favor to me, don't beat up on yourself because you spend a lot of time alone. That doesn't mean you're broken. That doesn't mean you can't make friends. It means you're smart enough to know what you need.

And if that gets a little lonely along the way, drop us a line at the Empath Community and we'll be delighted to soak you up in love and support:)

in love,

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