June 22, 2013

Empaths Staying Present in Body through Feeling

Our mind is easily obsessed with thoughts of the past or future. We tend to “zone out” while driving, or think about our to-do list while walking the dog. I caught myself about to put the milk in the cabinet and the cereal in the refrigerator one morning! We don’t really listen when we are talking to someone. We have to continually bring our awareness back to the current moment as we go through the day in order to create a habit of being aware of what is happening to us energetically.

Mindfulness, whether you are eating, driving, or cleaning the house, involves being present with the task at hand instead of being lost in thought. (So much for multi-tasking!) Examples include feeling the warm water running through your fingers as you wash your hands; noticing the difference between true hunger sensations or the urge to sooth painful emotions with comfort food; sensing anger surfacing within before unconsciously lashing out at someone.

Julie McIntyre’s book, Sex and the Intelligence of the Heart ~ Nature, Intimacy, and Sexual Energy, can help you reconnect with your own feelings, body, and the Earth as you learn the art of deep intimacy with yourself and your mate.

When we are aware of what is happening in the present moment our emotions will naturally surface to be released. Most of us do not accept sadness, fear, and anger as a normal part of our human experience. We tend to repress these emotions by being busy, watching TV, playing video games, eating, drinking alcohol, or doing drugs. We also tend to suppress amusement, joy and enthusiasm as if there is something wrong with being “too” happy. When we are able to stay present, we are aware of subtle energy shifts around us or know when we are picking up unwanted energy. This means you can clear it before it becomes a problem.

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