June 14, 2013

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People Effected by Movies

Gloria Mitchell’s parents took her to see Bambi at the theater when she was under the age of five years. Bambi's mother was killed in the beginning, which really upset her. For the rest of the movie Gloria kept asking, “Where's the mommy?” I think we all cried during that movie. I know I did and I was an adult watching it with my own kids!

Gloria says the most painful example of empathy in her life concerns her parents. They lost their business a few years ago, and for three years lived in a horrible house and had virtually no social life. There was a palpable sadness—a terrible energy—floating around the house. Gloria visited them every other weekend and no matter how much she tried to go there with a positive attitude, she became depressed or angry within an hour of being around them. When she tried to talk to them about it they would brush it under the rug, but this proverbial elephant in the room only led to arguments. It wasn’t just the house that was affected. This crappy energy was emanating from her parents, mostly her father, so whenever she took them to visit her brother in another state, the negativity poured off them. She always returned home feeling emotionally exhausted and depressed after being with them. The situation improved when her parents moved to a better house and started spending time with their friends. While things are by no means back to “normal” for them, Gloria feels a huge weight lifted from her.

Gloria’s story reminds me to mention that places as well as people can hold energy from those who have lived there previously. If you enter a place and suddenly feel tense, uneasy, gloomy, or even frightened, or if you get physical sensations such as chills, gooseflesh, headache, or dizziness, you are likely picking up energies from what has transpired there. Because places and things absorb energy from the experiences they have “witnessed,” empaths may need extra protection in places like funeral homes, prisons, and crime scenes.

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