November 20, 2012

Practical Ways to Support the Spiritual Experience of Transformation

Yvonne Perry is gifted with the spiritual savvy and skills to discuss complex issues such as ascension, walk-in/out experiences, near-death or out-of-body experiences, downloading from higher dimensions and merging with over souls to help people utilize multifaceted information helpful to shift into a higher state. Through integrating new energy life sustaining frequencies of the universe, we are now able to transcend the limits of our physical challenges to embrace our divine multidimensional selves. This higher state of being is happening to those willing to embrace the oneness and interconnected energetic universal life force.

Ms. Perry’s new book, Shifting into Purer Consciousness, helps to demystify ancient mystical concepts and to apply practical ways to support the present day human and spiritual experience of transformation. Through illuminating the journey of the soul at this time of immense change, healing for the planet and our human condition is the possible and hoped for outcome. At this time of great transformation, personal and collective structures and belief systems that no longer support the highest good of humanity will be shed in order to bring in a more valued understanding of the oneness and sacredness of life.

~ Sheryl Iris Glick, Reiki master teacher, author of Life is No Coincidence, and host of the Internet radio show, Healing from Within

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