November 22, 2012

Call in and Ask Empath Questions

I hope you are having fun spending time with friends and family this week. As I write this, I am at my parent's house in Georgia helping prepare food for about 50 guests as we gather five generations around our family matriarch. My grandmother is 96 years old and we are grateful to have her still with us.

There is so much love and beauty to be thankful for all year around, but especially when we are nearing the close of the year 2012. If you are like me, you have experienced many changes inwardly this year. These indicate a spiritual shift leading us in paths to greater peace and joy. I want to support you on that journey by offering encouragement through sharing information that reminds you that we are all one in spirit.

 Next week, we will resume our interactive calls to discuss empathic sensitivity and spiritual transformation. I will not have a guest on the call. Instead, it will be an intimate open discussion with 45 minutes for you to ask questions about spiritual transformation. I'll send an email with the call-in information early next week, so be sure you are on our mailing list.

Until then, may all your travels be safe and Spirit-filled. Yvonne Perry Learn more about the ascension process in Shifting into Purer Consciousness ~ Integrating Spiritual Transformation with the Human Experience. Yvonne Perry is available as a spiritual coach. See to schedule a free 15-minute chat about your empathic abilities.
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  1. Hello,

    Hello everyone. Even though I don't consider myself an empath I have had certain visions similar to what a psychic may experience. But I definitely consider myself more intuitive than most others. For privacy and identification concerns I will simply give you my first name which is Dustin. I'm a guy in my 20's so at this point women are still a very high priority and interest to me. However, growing up around the Christian faith I knew a basic sense of morality or ethics. So I consider myself an honorable man and do my best to respect women and their gift of sexuality. Before I go any further I must say I was blessed with some good looks as many people including other guys, have commented that I'm really hot, or so cute. It's flattering to me but it is only infatuation and people being attracted to me for my body/looks. As a guy, having sex with a woman is a strong desire of mine. But the major thing I wanted help with from anyone is what other's have picked up off me. That is some type of strong sexual energy people have 'felt' or sensed off me. Many of these people are likely empathic to some degree but this bothers me because I have never consciously wanted to give off any energy to other people. Comments keep coming toward me that I'm "really horny" or various related phrases. Which is more true than false. I have attempted to meditate and perform various other energy based clearing exercises, but this energy is still there for other people to pick up. Do you have any ideas what I could do to clear away these unwanted comments about my sexuality? Because I do plan on getting married and enjoying much more intimacy with my future wife only. So it is possible that this 'energy' may be with me the rest of my life. Any suggestions you or any other empaths, psychics, or gifted persons could offer me would be most welcome.



    1. Dustin, you are emitting an energy that is erotic because you are raising your kundalini as part of the ascension or oneness process. Move past the projections that others are placing on you--there is nothing "wrong" with you.

      If you can let go of your strict doctrine/rearing, you will be able to live authentically without feeling guilty or afraid of your sexual power. You will no longer feel like a sex object to others.

      All humans need to learn a better way to deal with sexual energy. This energy is the power of all creation and it has been misused and misunderstood for eons.

      I would be happy to speak with you more if you would like to chat for about 15 minutes. See to contact me.