October 19, 2012

How Empathy is Used for Good: Tom’s Story

Tom Goode “feels” people's pain, sees and senses the patterns empathically, and does his healing work using these senses. He first discovered he was an empath when he began a sales career and could tell when a person was going to buy and when they were not. He says that empathy is no more or less a gift than being able to play baseball, though clearly some people are better at it than others. Tom says that most people are out of their bodies, so numb to its feelings and so unfamiliar with how they themselves feel that they cannot differentiate their own energy from the energy of others.

Being empathetic is useful to Tom because it allows him to know the truth or falsity in situations and people. As he became more sensitive, a trait that can be cultivated, he began to use empathy to assist others. If you were to call him and ask for facilitation in finding an answer to a problem area in your life, dissolving a pain, or correcting an energetic imbalance, he would “read” your energy and the emotion/thought behind it to assist you in finding your own answers. He says, “It saves you, as a client, much time and money for me to be able to do this by telephone, rather than have you come to an office or other physical location.” Empathy is useful in correcting symptoms of imbalance in animals as well.
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