August 7, 2012

We Are Always Sending and Receiving Energy

Inhale, exhale. Whether it’s negative or positive, everyone is sending and receiving energy all the time. We are energy and so is everything else! Empaths tend to be a more sensitive to energy shifts.

An empath is someone who very keenly picks up the energy of others around them. Empaths are sensitive to the energy around them—environmental as well as the electronic and human energies.  Empaths are those you might call highly-sensitive people. They are the person in your family who cried a lot. They unknowingly carry burdens that belong to someone else; and that’s what causes so many problems for the empathic or very sensitive person. They don’t realize that what they are dealing with energetically is not their own stuff. They are so tuned in to energy around them that they pick up detrimental energy, and it’s causing all kinds of disturbances in their emotional, physical, and mental health.

All of her life, I was like a receptacle for all of the stuff that was going on around me as I carried energetic burdens for others. When I turned forty her life fell apart at the seams emotionally. I had been praying a lot for others, and carrying their burdens in prayer without realizing that I was taking them to God and then picking them back up and carrying them as if I was the one who could do fix the problem or do something to change another person’s life.

As a result, I became very depressed. I was stuck in a very limited, fear-based fundamental religion that had taught me to be subservient in my relationship with my first husband. That was taking a toll on me emotionally in addition to the sensitivity that I had as an empath. I wanted to break free and make some changes to become the empowered woman I now am. That was the beginning of my spiritual shift in the late 1990s, but trying to make those shifts ended up destroying what was left of a troubled marriage. I knew I was not going to be able to grow spiritually if I stayed in that marriage and remained under a suppressive mindset that required me as a wife to submit to my husband in all things without question and do what the church says.

Choosing a new path led me to understand my spiritual or psychic gift of energy sensitivity. Without boundaries, I had been leaking energy everywhere, and was picking up energy that was detrimental to me. Over a period of about ten years I learned some grounding and centering techniques and began practicing protective exercises to get well. My first book, Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, includes those methods that had proven effective for her. That book also contains the story of my journey as an untrained empath, which allows others to witness how energy mismanagement can take its toll on a person. I also give examples to help remedy the situations. It’s a very transforming and powerful book. It’s the manual that I wish I’d had ten years ago!

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