August 24, 2012

Characteristics of an Empath: Taking on the Physical Pain of Another Person

When I first began to realize that being an empath was having a detrimental effect upon me, I started using some of the methods that I describe in Chapter 9 of my book, Whose Stuff Is This? ~ Finding Freedom from the Thoughts, Feelings, and Energy of Those Around You, to keep from picking up the energy of others. But, there were still times when I was broadsided—like the time when our friends, Sally and Angie, were at our house having dinner with me and my husband. Here's that story...

I was talking about my work as a writer when all of a sudden my throat closed up and a stabbing pain hit me in my neck and upper chest. I grabbed my throat in a panic that caused Randy and Angie to think I was choking. I couldn’t swallow or speak to tell them what was wrong. Thankfully, Sally is an intuitive healer and recognized that I was not choking, but needed to be released from a psychic energy attack. She worked to clear me and when I could speak again, I had insight as to what had just happened. I had been considering ghostwriting a book for a man whose father had witnessed the assassination of President Kennedy. He was about to report the culprit to the authorities when he was attacked from behind, stabbed in the throat, and left to die in an alley. The client wanted me to write about what his father had shared with him in the months prior to his death. I had picked up the traumatic energy of a ghost!

That event was a big eye-opener for me. This business of being an empath had gone too far and it had to stop! I adopted new ways to protect myself with grounding and centering exercises that I share in Chapter 9 of my book for empaths. I meditated to receive energy from higher realms and learned how to run my own energy through my chakras.

I also detached from the outcome of my prayers. If I prayed for anyone, I detached myself from the person’s energy and did not allow myself to become emotionally involved. I would offer the energy of healing, but I no longer attempted to know the plan for another person’s soul.

I no longer attempt to usurp the free will of others as I had many times in my religious prayer efforts when I was trying to save the world. Instead, I started sending people divine love and light—an energy that they could use however they and God chose. Since I was directing a higher energy rather than sending out my own energy, I was not taking on the detrimental energy my prayer recipients were releasing from their blocked chakras or cells.

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