June 11, 2012

Where Are We Headed As a Society?

Society is currently a controlling, competitive, manipulative, greed-based system of the dog-eat-dog world in which many people are barely surviving. We are moving to a matriarchal, divine feminine (goddess energy) mindset that is more nurturing and community-oriented. There, we will be more aligned with the Earth and concerned about helping one another rather than taking advantage of one another. We are seeing this shift toward equality through efforts such as Occupy Wall Street (and other cities). These grassroots movements are causing great shifts and calling out the injustice of organizations that are not aligned with the divine feminine.

We are all being urged very strongly to make changes and realize how valuable Earth really is. We can’t live without Her and we can no longer ignore our connection to her. The more we are connected with Mother Gaia (Nature), the more we will care for her and ourselves—and the more we will care for one another.

I also believe we are going to see a huge change in allopathic medicine. For so long we’ve viewed our body, mind, and spirit as separate. When we treat one part of the body without considering the impact it has on the whole system, we are destroying the temple of our Spirit. We cannot keep treating symptoms and throwing a pill at our disconnected condition. Over dependence upon pharmaceuticals has allowed us to ignore what is really going on rather than dealing with what is causing the problem. Our health is always related to our thoughts and feelings. In the shift, I see people treating themselves with natural substances and supplements and eating consciously to maintain optimal health.

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