November 3, 2014

Group Coaching Calls for Empaths

Get on the free call with other empaths and walk-ins where you may share your experience and pose questions to Yvonne and her co-hosts. Many times there are transmissions of grace and energy activations through light language given during these calls. Listen to replays of “Empowering Hour with Empaths” and “Walk-ins Among Us” and “Shifting into Purer Consciousness” group coaching calls. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get email notices when these calls transpire.

Yvonne has authored several books on spiritual topics that complement her coaching and help you push through the ceiling of resistance that keeps you living small.

On the October 14th Empowering Hour with Empaths, Yvonne Perry and Veronica O’Grady answered questions about why ascension is so hard. Some symptoms include GI and intestinal releases, muscle cramping, feeling revved up or euphoric one minute and exhausted or down the next. Why are so many people leaving the planet? Is it possible to be operating in multiple realities at once and not be fragmented? Changing an established relationship in which one person dominates the other. Taking appropriate action when feeling the emotions of a person who wants to commit suicide. How to know when to consult a teacher and be open to another versus getting your answers from within. Working with issues that keep coming up over and over. Integrating parallel lives and multidimensional aspects.

As we begin to recall and reassemble soul fragments and integrate soul aspects from other lives into the present incarnation, entities and earthbound souls may be flushed from their hiding places. These are being released and sent to the light because their duty is complete; once they are cleared of the old paradigm karma, they will receive their next assignment. This “coming out” of our shadow side is causing the discord that many are feeling both inwardly and in relationships. Most people are afraid of their feelings and want to remove the discord or leave unpleasant situations without checking in to see what lessons are being offered.

As we process these changes, our emotions are up and down, there are physical aches and pains, and we may hear conflicting voices in our heads. It’s part of the process of becoming whole. If you are having trouble integrating these soul aspects, I can help you with a short coaching session. (Most people get as much as they are ready to process at one time in about 30-45 minutes.) See for more information.

On the October 23rd Shifting into Purer Consciousness, Yvonne Perry and Vic Singer chatted about relationships and how is common for souls to incarnate together and play roles to help one another remember what was left unresolved. This is why some people are in our lives for only a short season. When both souls have achieved what they intended from the arrangement, these friendships or relationships may go their separate ways. But because we are so attached to things and people, our emotions get in the way and we allow our grief to keep us from moving forward to the next lesson.
Karma has nothing to do with punishment, judgment, or retaliation. It is the imprint or pattern of unresolved issues and experiences contained within each incarnation. We reincarnate with this encoded information and arrange opportunities to resolve whatever was left outstanding in a previous life.
Much of the discord with another person could have links to something that was left unresolved between the two of you in a previous life. You don't necessarily have to know what happened, but it does help to participate in the clearing process.

More evolved souls have a signature (resonation) that vibrates at a higher frequency than lesser evolved souls. When in the presence of one who has made further progress in self-mastery, the lesser evolved soul may attempt to attune to the higher vibration, which can create a cathartic effect in the physical or subtle bodies. It’s like pouring water into a glass that has sand settled in the bottom—things get stirred up. The opposite can occur as well. The higher vibrating soul can be dragged down by the soul that is unwilling to change, evolve, and grow. This is when one must make a decision to either stay in the relationship hoping things will get better, or leave the relationship in order to continue evolving without being pulled down or held back in spiritual growth. 

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