May 14, 2014

Replay for Empowering Hour with Empaths May 13, 2014

A huge shift in consciousness is already underway, but the ability to remove or transmute old energy will intensify with the full moon on Wednesday.

Our vibration carries the passwords to the bridges that bring us into a new expression of our divinity. Join us at 2-4PM Central Time Wednesday, May 14, for drumming and making heart-felt noise and light language to release these old patterns that have shut down our divine voice for lifetimes. Grace for ascension will release old energy, shift patterns of discord, and open the gates for beautiful divine energy to join your soul’s higher expression.

If you need coaching to help you move past this big shift or to integrate the new energy you receive during this call, please contact me.

Listen to the replay of the group call recorded on May 13, 2014 with empaths at

There will be two light language play-shops this summer! One will be in Nashville June 20-21 and one in Golden, Colorado July 26, where you can learn about light language and experience activation of this wonderful ascension tool. For info about Nashville play-shop, see light language play-shops in Nashville. For more information about the Colorado play-shop, see

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