October 3, 2013

Feel What You Feel

Letting go of negative energy in a situation in which you were wronged is a good thing. However, you not only have the right to "feel what you feel" in regards to an incident, it is healthy to feel it.

Once you've felt the anger and processed it, then you can forgive and let it go. Forgiving on the front end (prior to processing) many times keeps us from honoring our emotions. Stuffing our emotions means they will come up later when a similar injustice occurs. The law of attraction also kicks in. Having repressed emotional energy, we draw to ourselves another situation like the first in order to process the original emotional energy.  After you have taken time to deal with your true feelings and response to the incident, you can truly forgive and offer gratitude for the experience. This clears the energy and you will likely not feel any response in your body or emotions when you think of the incident.  
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